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Synopsis for "The Super-Brat"

Clark Kent is babysitting for little Brad Bolton who gets into his father’s chemistry lab, mixes up a strange serum, and gives himself super-powers. Superboy takes over babysitting till the powers wear off.

Appearing in "Superboy's Nightmare Dream House"

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Synopsis for "Superboy's Nightmare Dream House"

A swindler swindles Superboy into providing him with a dream home. When Superboy learns the score, he turns it into a nightmare house. The swindler takes the hint and reforms.

Appearing in "The Secret of Superboy's Spectacles"

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Synopsis for "The Secret of Superboy's Spectacles"

Superboy recalls how, in the early days of his career, his secret identity was constantly endangered when the heat of his X-ray vision would melt his glasses. He got around this problem by shaping two lenses from the glass of the window in the rocket that brought him to Earth, which proved impervious to his super-vision, and setting them in glass frames.


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