Grim Ghost
Grim Ghost Vol 1 2
Cover art for 'Grim Ghost #2. Art by Ernie Colón.
Publication information
Publisher Atlas/Seaboard Comics; Ardden Entertainment
First appearance Grim Ghost #1 (January 1975)
Created by Michael Fleisher
In-story information
Alter ego Matthew Dunsinane

The Grim Ghost, created by Michael Fleisher, is a fictional character, a superhero first featured in Grim Ghost #1 (January 1975) from Atlas/Seaboard Comics. The series lasted only three issues before Atlas Comics ceased publication and the company went out of business in January 1976. A new ongoing series, published by Atlas Comics in association with Ardden Entertainment, debuted in March 2011.[1]

Character biography

Grim Ghost Vol 2 0

The Grim Ghost #0 (October 2010). Cover art by Qing Ping Mui.

In Colonial America, silversmith Matthew Dunsinane was secretly the masked highwayman known as the Grim Ghost and was quite successful at his criminal trade until the dashing rogue was finally betrayed by a woman and captured in 1743. After he was hanged, his soul went to Hell where Satan gave him a choice: either suffer for his crimes forever or become an agent of Satan's on Earth to bring evil souls to Hell. Returning to Earth in the 20th century (where longer lifespans were keeping the wicked from going to Hell long past when they were due), he became the Grim Ghost in form as well as name, now riding a flying black horse and firing spectral pistols whose "bullets" transported still-living murderers and thieves down to the flames of Perdition while posing as a living descendant of himself who resided in the house he had owned over two centuries before. His greatest mission was to capture the demon Brimstone who wanted to overthrow Satan and rule Hell in his place. In order to do this, Satan forced Matthew to work with Lady Sarah Braddock, the woman who originally set him up to get caught and hanged.

2011 Revival

The Grim Ghost and his arch nemesis, Braddock, a man turned dark spirit, struggle in the Fringe, a realm between life and death. A recent arrival, Michael Colavito, is caught between the two.


An earlier and somewhat similar character called the Gay Ghost has since been named the Grim Ghost due to the modern connotations of the word "gay".


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